FO: Graham Hat

In just one day, I whipped out this quick hat. It was so nice to have a quick and easy project off the needles in no time at all.

My work is collecting items for a ‘warm and cozy’ themed basket, to be auctioned for charity. I figured it was pretty much a necessity for me to make something to contribute, since my knitting is known well around the office. I have plenty of leftover yarn from sweaters I’ve already completed this year, so once I finished off Tenney Park, I quickly whipped up this hat, made with the Graham Hat pattern (free on Ravelry). I figured this is a good piece for donation, since its colour, shape, and design are gender neutral, and hopefully pleasing to a wide audience. This hat was turned around in just 24 hours, so I didn’t feel bad about delaying The Dude even further.

Knitting something other than just sweaters has really started me on thinking about what I’ll want to focus my creative work on in the coming year. I’ll want to change things up, for sure, but I haven’t quite decided what I’ll want to do. I’ll be putting more thought to it as the year draws to a close.

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  1. I have finished my 10th sweater, and will probably be able to go to 12, so my IntSweMoDo2012 challenge will be achieved… But I thought about the fact that if I go on like that next year, I will have way to many knitted sweaters (the first year for the challenge I made 6 sweaters and last year I made 10), so I will have to focuse on something else, like socks, shawls or other accessories…

    • I know exactly what you mean! I’m thinking my next challenge may either be accessories (like socks or shawls, which can always use more of), designing, or non-knitting related (like getting back into sewing). Lots to think about.

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