Happy New Year!

First Sweater Design in ProgressHere’s a new sweater! As you might notice, it’s not quite done yet. Even though I failed to complete all 12 sweaters of my IntSweMoDo 2012 challenge before the end of the year, I’m still very proud of what I managed to accomplish. I’ll have more on that later. For now, let me tell you a bit about this new project.First Sweater Design in ProgressThis sweater was started on December 27th, and all of the pieces were fully knit by the end of the day on January 1st. Since then, I’ve really been taking my time to get the finishing of the pieces just right. Why is that taking so long? Well, because I’m designing this sweater for myself as I go! That’s right, this is my first ‘from scratch’ sweater design. It’s a fitted, saddle shoulder cardigan, with a cropped body, reverse stockinette sleeves with a cable running down them, a short row shaped collar, and turned hems on the front edge, cuffs, and bottom hem.

I can tell that I’ve really learned a lot about sweater construction and design over the past year, because I was able to knit the body of this sweater in one try, and it is a perfect fit! It’s a little on the snug side because I forgot that pieced sweaters always end up more structured than those knit in one piece, but it’s still comfortable and looks nice.

First Sweater Design CollarWhat’s really taking me the longest is figuring out exactly how I want to do all of the finishing touches. I spent a lot of time on seaming to make sure that turned out nicely, especially the front edge hems. I then reknit the collar a couple times to get it just how I wanted it. I love how cushy it is, even though it’s the same needle size as the rest of the body. That’s garter stitch for ya. You can also see a hint of the cable detail I put at the centre back neck. More on that in my FO post.

First Sweater Design SleeveThis is my first time knitting a saddle shoulder design, so I chose to highlight that feature with a beautiful cable running the full length of the sleeves and saddle flap. Is there a technical name for that part? I’m not sure. This is Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sheepfold Cable. I mirrored it on the two sleeves to satisfy the little anal-retentive bit in me that needs things to be symmetrical. On the right front there, you can see what I’m working on right now- adding loops for a toggle closure. I’ve done these over a few times as I decide what I think will look best. I think I’ve finally settled on a choice, and will be finishing things up shortly. Once the sweater is finished, I’m planning to write the pattern up as practice, just in the one size. This seems so much more ambitious than anything I could have every imagined doing a year ago, but it actually wasn’t even that difficult, now that I have a really good grasp on how I like to knit sweaters and what works well for me.

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  1. As a dedicated knit-what’s-easy knitter, I am stunned at what you have accomplished. Go, you!

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