FO: Sweater #12- Paddington Cardigan

Paddington CardiganEven though it’s coming in a little bit after the end of the year deadline, I’m very proud of my final sweater of my IntSweMoDo challenge. I’ve decided to call it the Paddington Cardigan, because of its toggle closures (which always make me think of Paddington Bear and his coat).

Paddington Back NeckThis is my first ever 100% original sweater design. Now that it’s officially crossed off the books, I’m going to be spending some time working on my pattern writing to take my rough notes from indecipherable to coherent. Since this is my first try at pattern writing, I’m not going to attempt grading right away, which seems intimidating. The idea of trying to work out how much more yarn you’ll need for each different size is the part that really scares me. I know how to calculate things out for different measurements, but I’ve never attempted to do anything about yardage before.

Paddington  Cardigan toggle closurePaddington came from a few notes scribbled in a book in my purse, and I picked my favourite ideas from those and put them in here. I wanted a sweater with toggle closures, and I wanted to try something with a different shoulder construction. I settled on a saddle shoulder style, and from there decided that I should take advantage of the design feature and include cabling down the length of the sleeve. This meant that the sleeves would be in reverse stockinette. I added in a small cable detail at the back neck, a rolled garter stitch collar, and wide turned hems with welts, and all of a sudden, it was a sweater design!

Paddington Cardigan Saddle Shoulder CableOverall, the final project is very similar to what I originally imagined the sweater would look like. I knit the main sweater pieces pretty quickly, but took 10 days to block and finish the cardigan carefully. Several features were done over a couple times to make sure things ended up in a way that I liked.

Paddington CardiganFor more on this cardigan, you can check out my past posts, or my Ravelry project page.

Things ended up a little out of order here at the end. I haven’t taken final pictures of sweater #11 yet, which is actually in progress on having a zipper attached. I should have that one posted here soon.

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  1. Your cardigan is really nice ! If you would like to have it test knit, I’m volunteer !!!

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